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Craig’s Story.


He was a quiet guy. The type of guy you pictured one day taking a gun out and going on a shooting rampage. He never spoke, just came to the gym in his dull, dingy attire and quietly lifted. From what I saw he was a forty something year old guy, who was overweight and worked out somewhat to keep in shape. Although he never bothered anyone I noticed that he was the butt of many insults and jokes in the gym, most the members had given him the name ‘Pigpen’ since no one seemed to know his real name and he never conversed with the members of the gym.

He was quite simply an enigma in the gym.

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My friend:


: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjZ4iXI0plk

: that’s a jerk

Sep 6




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the GOAT.

the GOAT.


Today I went to the gym. I did legs.

I haven’t worked out consistently since I’ve lost my workout bros, Zach and Josh. That means it’s been like 2 years.

I haven’t been brotivated because to be honest, it takes me several months to put on 10-15 pounds of mass, and when I stop working out for 3-4 weeks because of school or finals, I lose months of hard work and dedication in weeks. It’s incredibly frustrating and demoralizing.

However, why do we really workout? I always tell people that I teach about working out to give it a month of sucking to see some results and start to enjoy lifting, and it’s really hard for me to do that right now because I’ve been out of it for so long.

Here’s to restarting, and making a push to stay in the gym this semester… until I like it again. #brospiration


the other day my current workout bro left to go to new york for a new job.

i went to the gym for the first time in a long time without a workout partner. it was a rough session. 

unlike workout videos like insanity, p90x, and richard simmons tone your god damn fat ass 7, lifting on your own is quiet, solitary, potentially dangerous, and probably filled with dubstep. 

without my main workout bro, it’s gonna hard for me to go hard and crush those lifts like i used to. 

solo brotivation is much different than co-op brotivation, and feeling unsafe has left me to work out a little lighter than usual. 

also it feels so f’ing bad when i fail on a weight i’mtotally sure i can do

done in 1.5 years. Forever ‘miring, RIP zyzz

done in 1.5 years. Forever ‘miring, RIP zyzz

swoll foods goes to the movies: the expendables 2

expendables 2 poster

What did we think?

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